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A Beautiful Mind

Heather Tazza + Mr. Wattson




  Artists, Designers, Photographers, Creative Directors

Focus on elevating brands through creating iconic art. 

Contact below for inquiries. Pricing is based per project and scope of work.

I like to reinvent myself – it's part of my job.

Karl Lagerfeld


About Us

Live to Create

Heather and Wattson collaborate together to create iconic art.


Heather Tazza 

Heather  is an Artist,  Designer and Creative Director, ultimately working with brands to execute design, stories, concepts, creative expression, and expansion.


She began assisting on photoshoots, styling, marketing and design at Vogue Magazine, and many other prominent fashion houses including Zac Posen, Ralph Lauren, Proenza Schouler, Leon Max. Working on New York Fashion Weeks, September Issues and International Campaigns. Living in NYC for a decade, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology State University of New York, with a Bachelor's in Product Design. Later she became a certified Gemologist (GIA) and the Creative Director for a Luxury Jewelry Brand. She now resides in ATL freelancing on creative projects and collaborations- including interior design. View Projects for a preview of her work featuring collaborations/partnerships and show casing her as Designer, Creative Director, Stylist, Model, Casting Director, Photographer, Copywriter and Editor.


Mr. Wattson

Wattson is an internationally recognized  Artist, Photographer, Creative Director and Designer. Originally based out of Atlanta,Georgia he has worked with the likes of Christian Louboutin, Coca-Cola, Brooks Brothers, Trussardi, Moncler, Giuseppe and Bulgari. Mr Wattson has extensive experience in the luxury sector, specifically within the photography, sales, marketing, and brand development. His outreach in the Atlanta and Italian market is unmatched both in numbers and in his personal relationships. He is also passionate about street photography, original fine art and making music. Below is a link to preview of his work.

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Get in touch for all inquiries or collaborations.

We are open to hearing new ideas and opportunities.

Let's create!


Atlanta, Georgia 

+ world travelers

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