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Embark on a Tulum Zen Trip: Journey of Yoga, Transformation & Bliss. Your wellness retreat.

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Pre-Trip Essentials: First things first, sort out your currency and get some Pesos. The easiest way is to order from your bank early on before the trip. Bank of America has the option to order online and it is at your door in a few day– think around $500-1000 worth for a smooth stay. And don't forget your passport. Customs in Mexico are breeze, just steer clear of any souvenir mishaps.

Immerse in Tulum's Tranquility: My recent escapade to Tulum was with my two best friends – husband-wife and at the time my single self. We each truly had a life changing and transformative trip. It's all about unwinding, zen vibes, and connecting with your inner self. My travel trip design? Research, have a rough plan and schedule of activities, but also allow room for those magical, unexpected moments. And when you get there immediately make friends with the locals, that is how you will find those local hidden gems.Flexibility, spontaneity, mingling with he locals and listening to your intuition are key when traveling.

Tulum's Unique Aura: Imagine vibrant energy seamlessly blending with local life. It's an exhilarating dance, punctuated by the occasional local police cruising by in tanks, but you will adapt. Travel savvy, stay street-smart – that's the mantra. Mexico, and Tulum in particular, is totally doable alone but preferred with a buddy. Tulum is tourist-friendly, but also play it safe with the valuables. Word of caution: I had my gold jewelry stolen out of the safe here in a hotel, rookie mistake. I would advise leaving all valuables behind.

Pro Tip: It is always more seamless if you or someone in your group speaks Spanish. However, you can still get around with out speaking the language but you will need to be aware of being taken advantage of with cabs etc. At the least if you are planning to explore more than the resort hotels go over the basics before you go. Gracias.

Touching Down: Arrival is easy. Secure your flights early and you can find a cheap price – Cancun's your gateway. From there, opt for a rental car or have a chauffeur greet you for a Tulum-bound journey. It's a two hour drive. Quick tip: Tulum is getting its own airport soon! To rent a car or not – that is the question. Personally, I've done both. A car gives you freedom, but my friend’s killer Spanish made public transport a piece of cake. So it depends on your group and comfort level.

Rent a Car? Driving or Drifting,: Let's address the Tulum transportation debate. No car? No worries. Schedule an airport pickup and keep some smaller bills handy (pesos, anyone?) for hassle-free taxi rides. Renting a Car? Go ahead, just watch out for those pesky potholes and enjoy the freedom to explore. Staying within the hotel zone? A car might not be essential as you can easily walk everywhere and take a taxi into the town when you please.

Two Faces of Tulum: Welcome to the Tulum showdown – town vibes or beachfront luxury? There are two main setctions of Tulum - the hotel zone or in the town. The hotel zone's a sight to behold – ocean panoramas, luxury havens, and even some yoga retreats. But don't snooze on the town's charm – it's got its own allure, filled with and abundance of culture right in the jungle. And Airbnb? Hidden gems abound.

Pro Tip: Be cautious of what you are eating and most importantly don't drink the water!! I have gotten "Mantazumas Revenge" in Mexico before and I would not wish this on anyone. However, last trip to Tulum I was okay- except for the last day before we went to Cancun we all felt a little nauseous and off, realizing it was after our Cenote's day. So be aware if you visit the Cenotes try not to swallow too much water while swimming!

The Orchid Beach House: Craving mid-budget magic? The Orchid Beach House is your haven. Take your pick – beachside or in-town, both promise an enchanting stay and are gorgeous interiors giving you that tulum vibe you’ve been waiting for. Quick reminder: keep those valuables tucked away. This place is a great boutique hotel to stay if you are looking for something easy, beautiful and semi secluded.

Holistika Oasis: Calling all yogis and seekers of inner calm! Holistika's your haven. Super Budget-friendly digs with yoga, sound baths, and celestial gatherings. Don't miss their classes – zen, revitalizing, and around $12 a pop. This place is absolutely incredible and a yogi’s paradise. Complete with a healthy cafe and all the retreat vibes. I would recommend stayinng here if you want to stay in the town. There are some amazing local burritos spots nearby as well. The Kundalini class we did in the temple was mind blowing, as well as their weekend full moon ceremonies.

Check out their daily schedule online prior to see what is happening.

Azulik's Tranquil Treasures: Step into Azulik's Sefir Museum for a mere $10. On your way you can stop in the local markets and maybe grab a souvenir or two. The best part - Azulik yoga in a serene dome – pre-book online or embrace spontaneity. Bask in wooden sanctuaries and Mexico’s yoga luminaries. The waiting room will automatically bring you into that other worldly state of peace. You will get to walk through the beautiful bridges, tunnels and creeks of azulik before you walk into the stunning yoga studio, it is a simple yet complex sanctuary of zen and invigorating energy. We went to ashtanga yoga and the teacher was from Mexico City, he was incredible. I prefer taking the morning class at 8am or 10am, you will feel renewed and ready for the rest of the day. Azulik Here

The Cenotes: The cenotes are a must see if you are an explorer!

The Grand Cenote is the biggest and most touristy Cenote destination but it is totally worth it. Braving through the crowds for this one is all part of the experience because the caves are absolutely fascinating. You get a life jacket but you can take it off while you’re in the cave. The water is crystal clear blues and the cave is dark with eerie bats everywhere. It is chilling yet beautiful as you swim through the dark cave filled with these creatures until you reach the other side.

There are a few other cenotes nearby you can venture to as well check your map.

One of my favorite local centotes was :

Escondido Cenote (Mayan Blue)- it is a lot smaller and more of a watering hole than a cave. But it is truly a magical and local spot. There is a rope swing we had fun swinging off of. Eventually I was doing flips off of the cliff, it was a blast.

Feast After the Caves: Post-cave cravings? Hit the town for authentic Mexican bites. Taqueria La Chiapaneca's a must-visit – tacos that dance on your taste buds. Satisfied and soul-fed, with authentic live Mexican music.

Yaan Healing Sanctuary: Temezcal Ceremony Beckons!!! If you want a truly life changing experience then this is it. Brace yourself for the Temezcal Ceremony – and intense, transformative, and utterly rewarding ceremonial experience of a lifetime. Secure a private session, gather your crew, and request the captivating Viktor Medina – a Mayan healing shaman (along with his incredible wife, which will ease your nerves as a woman). I am always fascinated by the cultures of the places I travel too and want to connect to them more deeply. The Temezcal is an ancient mayan ceremony that brings you into an entirely different world. The cost is around $500usd for a private session of up to 1-5 people. I would definitely go with people who you are close to as the experience gets deep, personal and intense. It is truly worth every penny and it is the one thing I would splurge on for your spiritual journey. Many people have gone with a certain intention- whether to get rid of an emotional block, or habit like alcohol or childhood trauma, stepping into their power, you name it. I had no idea what I was getting myself into so I just let my intuition lead and that in itself was truly powerful.

Ceremony Chronicles: I don’t want to give away all of the details as this is something you will want to experience yourself but picture a blend of excitement and butterflies. With my duo in tow, we ventured into a jungle haven. Mayan vibes, cascading water, a dark hut and a bridge to another realm. And the ceremony taking place in a sweat lodge extravaganza. Viktor, our mayan shaman, and his beautiful wife took the reins. Plant medicine chat? Absolutely. Leading us through ancient mayan rituals, chants, and healing. The rest? Your unique journey will have to unfold. But if you are curious for more of our individual spiritual experiences? Stay tuned for my upcoming book on intuition – this ceremony shifted, cleansed, and renewed me.If you are looking for holistic ways to release emotions, grief, toxic people, sexual ties, or childhood trauma, this is your sign GO. "Water is life, water is everything, without water nothing." Chant it, feel it, let it flow.

Post Ceremony Tip: Following the ceremony, we had reservations at the vibrant and lively restaurant, Rosa Negra- BAD IDEA. While it's an enjoyable spot under different circumstances(think Tulum party night), it's worth considering your state after the ceremony. You're likely to be utterly exhausted, drenched, and a bit disoriented. You'll probably prefer to either retreat home to reflect on the profound experience or find a quieter setting to discuss with your friends. In our case, we went to Rosa Negra and promptly thought 'GET ME OUT OF HERE'. The bustling atmosphere, blaring music, and rowdy crowd were quite the opposite of what one desires during the introspective afterglow of a spiritual transformation. So, it's wise to anticipate this and plan accordingly beforehand for a quieter atmosphere after.

A break from the local cuisine:

Posada Margherita's Italian Delight: For Dinner, step into Posada Margherita for a dash of Italy in Tulum. Romantic, charming, and a pasta paradise. The homemade past is definitely the best thing we ordered.I love this place.

Secret Sushi Place: We found this low ket buy incredible sushi place nearby the orchid beach house hotel. The sushi was divine. And the atmosphere was intriguing and laid back.

Worldly Explorations: Chichen Itza Unveiled: Ready to explore one of the seven wonders of the world? Chichen Itza is it. Opt for a full day tour and soak in culture and awe. Or get tickets and drive your car there for an incredible day. Short on time? Tulum's Mayan Ruins deliver history and energy – You can take a tour but it is fascinating to walk around yourself- which is what we did. However, be ware it is completely crowded. We were in Tulum in low season so we were shocked when it felt like Disney world crowds. But if you really love history you have to check it out, and if not you may be better of skipping it. I love history so there was no question, ancient energy is always fascinating for a spiritual journey.

Shopping: The shopping here is so fun, there are super high end boutiques in the hotel zone but also some average ones too. It is most fun to find souvenirs in the town or explore the local boutiques with crystals and healing souvenirs. I ended up connecting to this beautiful smoky quartz crystal necklace from this amazing boutique Lily Rose!! Her energy was captivating and the crystal was expensive but I truly felt drawn to it as it was sourced from the Mexican mines. Until this day it is the strongest protection crystal I have ever owned. Lily Rose is a magical and sacred space. You must come back with a crystal from the Mexican mines- for healing, meditating, energizing, and protection crystals have powerful vibration frequencies that connect us with the earth and these ones with strong energy will amaze you over time.

Finally, my other shopping must is the handmade indigenous Copal incsense sticks. I would’ve bought a thousand packs if I knew how much I would miss them (buying online is not the same). These sticks smell incredible and carry such powerful energy that will forever remind you of your spiritual transformation in Tulum. They burn copal all throughout Tulum. Ask around the shops for the indigenous made copal sticks or bundles.

A Dash of Whimsy: Insta-worthy moments await at Matcha Mama – An over posted touristy spot that is totally worth it. Swing by for smoothies and playful snaps. And that giant coconut? A must, no question. Especially with the jungle heat it is very refreshing.

Tulum's Luxe Sanctuaries: Craving luxury? Tulum's got you covered, just check out any resort in the hotel zone. However, my favorite is- Pablo Escobar's former mansion, Calsa Malca. Cartel aura meets opulent haven. Art, luxury, and a secluded beach. Staying here's an experience, trust me. They will not let you come for the day unless you are a guest staying there, so if you want this experience it is worth staying a night or two. .

Other Musts:

Dragonfruit- the dragonfruit is incredible here one of my favorites. As well as the other street fruit! And of course the local street tacos. Just be aware not to drink the water and you should be okay.

Yoga/Zen- Papaya Playa Project,

As a bonus, Tulum houses a famous Muy Thai camp for an extra dose of thrill. If you're into that definitely check it out, my friend went daily and he loved it

Here is a fun mock up Itinerary with different daily options for a few days: Including some other suggestions of great restaurants, yoga places that I didn't get to cover above. Reach out to me if any other questions on recommendations etc.

Day 1 - Monday:

(Itinerary based off staying at The Orchid Beach House without a car)

  • 6/6:30 am: Departure Flight

  • 10:30 am: Arrival, Customs

  • 12:30/1:30 pm: Shuttle or Rental Car

  • Orchid Beach House: Check-in

  • Afternoon: Relax on the beach or enjoy beach yoga at hotel

  • Evening: Stroll to a Beach Club for dinner, Chat with locals

  • 7:30 pm: Dinner Reservation at beach restaurant, Ziggys (10-min walk) *Note these places are empty during low season and reservation may not be necessary*

Day 2 - Tuesday:

  • 6:15 am: Sunrise, Meditation on the beach

  • Morning: Yoga session at the hotel or Muay Thai camp

  • 10 am: Dome Yoga at Azulik (25-min walk, 5-min car)

  • 11 am: Sadhana Seaside Yoga at Papaya Playa Project (30-min walk, 6-min car)

    • Afternoon: Explore Tulum's Big Beach, consider options for lunch:

    • Real Coconut Kitchen (inside Sanara Tulum)

    • Raw Love Vegan Cafe

    • Clan Destino (next to Raw Love, a local cenote)

    • Taboo Beach Club (get tribal painted)

    • Jungle Gym

    • Mayan Ruins

    • Casa Malca (Pablo Escobar mansion)

  • 5:15 pm: Book Temazcal Ceremony at Yaan Healing Sanctuary (6 pm - 8:30 pm)

  • 6pm-9pm: Temazcal Ceremony

  • Evening: Quiet dinner spot or return to the hotel

Day 3 - Wednesday:

  • Morning: Meditate on the beach, Yoga or Muay Thai camp

  • 9 am - 10:30 am: Kundalini Radiance & Gong Class at Holistika (15-min car)

    • 11:30 am - : Cenote Cave Adventure Day:

    • Grand Cenote (13-min car from Holistika)

    • Cenote Calavera (2 mins away from Grand Cenote)

    • Escondido Cenote (local cenote watering hole)

    • 3 pm: Explore Tulum Town, lunch options:

    • Matcha Mama Pueblo

    • Antojitos Street Tacos (locals)

  • Evening: Leisure time or dine at local restaurants

    • Later for dinner:

    • Kin Toh Azulik (iconic treehouse, reserve $50pp)

    • Posada Margherita (local Italian)

Day 4 - Thursday:

  • Morning: Meditate on the beach, Yoga

  • 10 am: Sadhana Seaside Yoga at Papaya Playa Project (30-min walk, 6-min car)

  • 11 am - 1 pm: 5Rhythms Dance as Ritual Class at Holistika

  • Afternoon: Face and body Tribal paint at Taboo Beach Club or Real Coconut

  • Evening: Dinner at Casa Jaguar (15-min walk)

  • Check out Vagalume for a quick vibe before sleep

Day 5 - Friday:

  • Morning: Meditate on the beach, Yoga

  • Yoga Shala class

  • Afternoon: beach day, shopping

  • Evening: Dinner at Bal Nak or other higher end

Day 6- Saturday:

  • Morning: Meditate on beach, Yoga

  • Afternoon: Hangout in the town before Holistika

  • Evening: Weekend Events check* Full Moon Ceremony at Holistika

Day 7 - Sunday:

  • Morning: Yoga and Breakfast at Orchid Beach House

  • Afternoon: Head back to the airport

  • Evening: Flight home


Yaan Healing Sanctuary (private temazcal ceremony, spa reiki etc)

Holistika (town yoga paradise)

Papaya Playa Project (famous yoga house) Papaya Playa

Be Tulum (treetop studio overlooking jungle) Be Tulum

Kanan Tulum (beachfront yoga) Kanan Tulum

Azulik resort (unique dome, treehouse studio ) Azulik Yoga

Sanara (beachfront & real coconut lunch, yoga Shala) Sanara Yoga

Selina (yoga shala)

OM collective ( yoga studio in town)

La Casa Surya (free diving & yoga school)

Additional Food:

Hartwood- no reservations, considered one of best higher end places to eat

Gitano- club vibes

The Pink Lobster lunch- local recommendation

Macando @Nomade Tulum (Moroccan sit on floor)

Matcha Mama - cafe, best açaí bowls

Mia Tulum Beach Club- best food & vibe together

Burrito Amor- in town

Mi Amor -by Gitano beach

Arca - fine dining

El Asadero- best dinner in town

Mateo’s - treehouse and sunset happy hours

*Antojitos La Chiapaneca- locals best street tacos in town

DelCielo- best brunch in town

Kitchen Table-everything is cooked in their open kitchen, menu creative while still being authentically Mexican. Beach & town

Bal Nak- yummy and chic

Ka’an Tulum - day time

Taqueria Don Beto, Taqueria Honorio- fast, cheap and best Tulum tacos town

Safari Comedor Zuma- Aldea Zama

Loco Tulum - Mediterranean chill

Verdant- mex food with French techniques high end

Other Activities:

Diving, Snorkeling, - hotel recommendations, bay of Akumal

Kayaks Tour

Museum - SFER IK Tulum @ Azulik Hotel

Spiritual Marriage - lol


Most Events like the full moon ceremonies etc. are the weekends be sure to check Holistikaa, Yaan, and other hotels.

Cacao Cermony- Azulik resort

Ancestral Temazcal +cacao ceremony day passes - Ekumal

Tantra Tuesdays- beach club

Face Body Tribal Painting - Taboo and Tantra beach clubs

Twilight Nest Dinner Orchid Beach House - 84usd per person

*Checkout the Magic Mushroom & Ayuasca retreats for next time*

If it Rains:

Please note: This itinerary is a suggested plan and is subject to change based on availability and personal preferences. Enjoy your trip to Tulum!

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Heather Tazza
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