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"Authenticity Unveiled"

"In the dynamic landscapes of South-East Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, a staggering revelation unfolds – half of these nations rank among the top 25 economies marred by the proliferation of counterfeit and pirated goods.”


Inspired by this stark reality, I embarked on a journey through SEA, capturing the dichotomy of a culture where 'designer' items permeate daily life. The series delves into the intricate psychology behind this phenomenon – questioning the morality, the erosion of artistry in luxury brands, and the branding obsession that permeates society.

Exhibition pending.

Southeast Asia, Film 2023

Shot entirely on a small film camera, these images prompt reflection on when authenticity succumbs to imitation. Today, lawsuits are reshaping this landscape, actively seizing fake goods and leading to imprisonments, underscoring the evolving battle against counterfeit culture. When does it matter?